In the Luigimail video recently posted, Kyle voiced Luigi instead of Ben. Was there a decision to change the Luigi voice back, or did that just happen because of time constraints?

Was expecting this questions sooner or later. I decided to go back to voicing Luigi mostly because I felt like it’d be more fun if two VAs worked off of eachother, and two, I really wanted to voice Luigi… heh. Selfish I know but Ben remains the voice of Mario.


Any instrument huh? Well… there is one favorite of mine…

Luigi’s seen some things…

Luigi’s seen some things…

What happened to luigimail

Actually we’re working on episode one as we speak! That preview is actually from episode 1 of Luigimail.

How do you make the video? Put the voices in SFM or render it silently and adding it in Vegas?

Yup! Usually if I need to edit the voices in post after all the animation is rendered. Same goes for sound effects because if I end up deciding that I don’t like a certain sound, I’d have to go back and rerender the whole thing for one sound effect. It’d be inconvenient.

Preview of an upcoming animation…

Preview of an upcoming animation…

Some updates

Hey all. Sorry for leaving you all in the dark as of late. I’ve been working on a couple other projects alongside this one and recently working toward getting a Job myself. We got a new animation on the way though.

In the meantime, if you wanna see what me and two of my other friends working on the show are involved in, you can catch us on this channel

Luigimail, Help get it started!

Hey Tumblr followers. I figured I’d make an exclusive announcement of another project I’m working on. Earlier on Facebook I was talking about making a side series involving a Tumblr ask box. Well I decided to go through with the idea as a small series to go alongside They Live in a Castle.

It’s an ask box where you can send questions toward Luigi called, get this, Luigimail. (Get it? LUIGI? MAIL? EMAIL? HOHOHO) Basicly, the idea is to have Luigi answer a question through the tumblr ask box, but rather then some artwork or a simple text response, it’ll be fully animated and voiced over. If this works out well enough, I’d like to make this a weekly series as well. Of course, in order to make the first episode, Luigi needs a question.

It’d be a fun way to interact with the fanbase! It won’t distract too far from TLiC since the workflow will be alot simpler, at least I’d like it to be. So I’m asking our current followers for help. Want to have a simple question turn into an animated scenario staring Luigi? Send a question to Luigi and we’ll write a script and animate it! The Tumblr is currently a work in progress (Still missing the logo) but that’ll be handled once the first episode is made where we’ll make a bigger announcement.

The series will be within They Live in a Castle’s Canon as well once the episodes start rolling in.

Doing some renevation for the Tumblr Page right now. Excuse the blinding colors for a moment :p

You know Machinima is going back to making Machinimas. Is TLIAC still on Machinima? I literally just watched a source filmmaker cartoon on the main channel.

Machinima fell silent on us so its safe to say TLIAC won’t be heading to Machinima Personally I think its for the better though.